This is pretty well overdue, but for those of you still curious or having trouble installing, everything you need is found in the steam group:

Basically, to install you must extract the files into the game folder. This requires the FULL file as well as the 1.02e patch due to game updates.

Make sure you say yes to all overwrites. If you have trouble getting the ending there is a guide in the forums in the steam group. I will not be answering any comments unless the mod is actually broken.

Thank you for your interest in l4rm.


One thought on “

  1. The mod breaks the game for me.
    I run the game and i get an error i can ignore.
    I start a new game and get an error which can be ignored.
    I open the inbox and read the message. I press go back to inbox then back to the homescreen and i get an error that can be ignored.
    When i go to read any of the documents i get an error tha cant be ignored, trying to reload the script just pulls up the same error and rollback just causes it to crash.

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