That Sleek Red Background

Most of the log reactions are done, so you know what that means. It’s time to get to work on the female route.

The interesting thing about being a female on Mute’s route is that her tsundere side really comes out. Being in love with a female investigator goes against everything she was taught by Oh Eun-Ah and the Mugunghwa in its latter years.

It’s clear that she’s head over heels, but she won’t admit it, and when something slips she back tracks as quick as she can.

It’s not something too complicated. In fact, it makes writing the female route for Mute very entertaining.

Now, conversations on day 1 and 2 branch off at certain choices if playing as a female, but what I’m doing is making the ENTIRE thing different.

You won’t just get different choices, you’ll get entirely different conversations.

There will also be some interesting day 3 log reactions to the lesbian logs if you’re playing as a female.

I’m attempting to make it worth while to read some of the logs on day 3. Keep in mind though, you’ll only get the new reactions if you haven’t already scrolled through the logs on day 1 and 2.

Not only this, but with new conversations, Mute’s route will keep its trait of being the most entertaining if played through as both genders.



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