The Home Stretch

Well, this is it beautiful friends.

This has literally been the most tight knit group I have ever worked with. We banded together, set up what we needed to do, got started, and just did it.

It’s hard to believe one person, a fictional person at that, could bring people together so quickly.

There’s still some logs left to do, but I’m writing the final conversation on the male route now, and I realize as Mute’s story is coming to a close for the second time this really actually happened.

All of this.

The blog, the forum, the people who are waiting for the mod.

I just wanted to make a quick post to thank everyone for their support, even if it was as simple as following the group. That one extra follower let us know that people wanted this to get done.

We’re literally a few steps away from being finished, so I should probably get back to work.

I have my job for the next four days, but I’ll be working on the project when I’m not there.

Once again, thank you.



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