Mo’ Code Mo’ Problems

Why is God so cruel?

You guys know that neat little grid that’s in the background the entire game?

Yeah, that’s not working anymore.

We done fucked it up guys.

The issue is more complicated than it should be. The decompiler we use for Hate Plus’ script doesn’t support the part of the script that activates the grid in the back, so when we decompiled the grid vanished in new games and new saves.

On the bright side, it took us this long to notice that something was amiss, so it’s not much of an eye sore, and the color for each route remains as it should be. The menu is always yellow though.

We ARE working our asses off to fix it though, because we’re just perfectionists like that, but the mod marches on while we try to find a workaround.

The first batch of log reactions has been implemented, and I’m going to start writing the second today. This is my last day of work, and then I’ll have three days to dedicate fully to the project.

What an appropriate number.Image


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