First Batch of New Log Reactions

Mute’s world has been flipped upside down, and with it, so has her way of viewing it. Now, she’s not exactly going to start badmouthing traditional marriage, and I don’t think she ever will, but after finding out your whole life has been a lie you can do one of two things.

End it, her initial reaction.

Or pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on as best you can.

She won’t be openly supporting a lot of the things society has to offer, but at the same time it would be easier to show her that not all is lost just because of culture shock and differing opinions on how the world should work.

The Mugunghwa was a terrible place after Ryu, and nothing will change that. However, there are good things to be had in even the darkest of places.

Mute is proof of that.

I want the new log reactions to reflect a Confucius viewpoint slowly merging with the new world.

It won’t happen in a day, which is all we have, but I want to show its starting point.

She doesn’t like Ryu anymore, and this conflicts with her world view of always respecting men.

I want this conflict to be obvious, but not over the top.

Often, our biggest opponent is our self.



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