What We’re About

In light of Hate Plus’ release and the ending to *Mute’s route, a group of us decided to get together and create the ending that Love didn’t want to include in the game. An ending where Mute doesn’t die.

I’m writing, and the rest of the team is helping out with coding and beta-reading.

Simply put, we are going to extract the Renpy files from Hate Plus, put in our ending, do all the coding we have to do, repack, and publish it as a mod for Hate Plus.

Instead of sitting on our thumbs for some false hope of a secret update, we are taking action. The namesake of the achievement is the rumor of the ability to bring back Aerith in Final Fantasy 7. Eventually the fans hacked her into the game.

It’s only natural that we do the same.

If you’re interested in the project follow this blog, and make sure to keep an eye on our Steam group, which will be linked in the dedicated thread on the Steam community forums for Hate Plus.

Let’s save *Mute together.

Project Members:

Former Project Lead: *Sam

Project Lead and Writer: Kyonko802

Coders: Zem, grenju

Beta Readers: Phazonreaver, Lunar180, Xasther ReeD, For River

Artist: Kai-Yan



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